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In fact, the figures showed that 3 per cent of Tinder users were between 45 and 54, which meant there were a lot of middle-aged people in its dating pool of 50 million users.

Having been struggling to find a catch in what felt like shallow waters for some time, I decided it was worth a plunge in the depths, however murky.

Since my long-term relationship with the father of my children ended more than three years ago, I had tried various other dating websites (ones I paid for) and been on a handful of dates, but found them all soul-destroying in their own way.

Compared to other men in the study, those who used smartphone apps to find sex were 35 percent more likely to be infected with chlamydia and 23 percent more likely to be infected with gonorrhea, the researchers found.Even at midnight, you just log on, order, and wait 60 minutes. My therapist Sande, who has been with the company since it was founded in 2013, raves about it from a worker’s perspective (unlike at salons, massage therapists with Soothe keep 60% of the booking) and from the customer’s perspective.She says that Soothe does plenty of outside-the-box stuff, beyond the usual couple’s massages (which you can book on the app at any time).There is nothing much worse than having built up a relationship online to then meet the object of your interest only to find them as exciting as a mollusc.It feels as if you are constantly putting yourself on the line, showing off your wares, only to reel in another damp squib.I spent the next week riding out a high fever accompanied by a truly disgusting cough.


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