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Ellen Gray is the television critic for the Daily News and the Inquirer, and has written about TV since 1994. What we don't get in a remake are the differences in the way societies view everything from marriage to murder. No one's more critical of shows about journalism than journalists, but this Danish show about a newspaper crime reporter named Dicte Svendsen (Iben Hjejle) gets a lot right.

Her mind will go blank if you ask her to name her favorite show, because she has so many, but she would love to hear about yours. Even armchair travel makes me see the world from another angle. Dicte, a divorced single mother, is more Nancy Drew than most news people I know. British-made, filmed in Iceland, and set in a fictional community in Arctic Norway called Fortitude, this eerie mystery runs hot and very, very cold. I'm only halfway through this four-episode Icelandic mystery, but the strange, potentially deadly landscape of its title fascinates me.

Plan to visit Finland's nudist beaches during the summer months when the water is warm enough to bathe naked and check the weather in Finland before you go.

Check out the map of nude beaches in Finland, the best of which are described below.

Here are 10 shows to consider: , a Danish series that became a craze among American TV critics when only KCET, a non-PBS public station in Los Angeles, and the satellite network Link TV were carrying it in the U. After catching a few episodes that streamed on Link TV's website and some more on screeners it sent to critics, I bought the rest on DVD, something I almost never do. Sidse Babett Knudsen ( Henrik Mestad stars as Prime Minister Jesper Berg, whose plan to fight climate change by abandoning oil production in favor of an alternative form of energy meets with major pushback, triggering a coercive but ostensibly peaceful occupation as Russia moves to keep the oil flowing. Recommended for: News junkies, anyone who loved the reporters in . Recommended for: Viewers who can't wait for winter. Divorced, bearded, and with a sad, sad past, he's a type we've seen before. Recommended for: Mankell fans and anyone who wants to compare and contrast. Sofia Helin and Kim Bodnia star as a Swedish and a Danish detective who must work together when a body is found lying across the border on a bridge between their two countries. More comedy than Nordic noir, this series stars actor-musician Steven Van Zandt as a mobster in witness protection who chooses Norway as his new home. Amy Poehler's brother, Greg Poehler, stars in a Swedish fish-out-of-water sitcom loosely based on his life as an expatriate.

Pihlajasaari Beach is less than two miles south of Helsinki's city center.

According to Helsinki's website, Pihlajasaari used to be dotted with villas, but it is now an outdoor recreation area.

By Todd Schoepflin I haven’t thought about dating in a while.

I guess that’s what happens when you’ve been married for six years. I had the type of the job that was satirized in the movie . I’d stare at my computer screen for eight hours waiting for my shift to end.


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