Updating aol is for crap

It’s getting hard to find out much about AOL with only a few million people left who still use it, and many of them pissed about a home page redesign that occurred over four years ago.

I can understand AOL isn’t catering to the broadest nor most technically adept userbase and that the need for good services such as the original [email protected] has been greatly reduced as more and more people quit AOL.

Ensure your mail server IP has a RDNS – so when you do an NS lookup on the IP address it will show a name, like smtp.2. Ensure that you verify with AOL that you are the admin for that RDNS lookup name. We are starting with router-level queues, the first of which will be RTR: BB errors.

We are excited to finally be addressing the part of this project that will offer, in most cases, immediate resolution to your issues.

What an excuse for an email service that one now has to pay for monthly.

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The new AOL GOLD is worse than the program was back in 1997, yup have had my AOL account that long and about to toss AOL and go with GMAIL. I phoned Verizon again and got another person who tried via google to get help. Verizon and AOL are not responsible for something one of them is getting paid for - trying to sign up on line cannot be done they require a cell phone which I do not have just the landline so it too bounces back line the site requires, disgusting. I have a couple of simple issues with the email (one involving my home security system).However, also recall that AOL has a massive digital advertising platform with a heavy focus on the mobile sector and also owns a wealth of popular web destinations including Engadget, Tech Crunch, and The Huffington Post.With this in mind, it shouldn't be too surprising that Verizon has offered AOL a marriage proposal.I’m finding the AOL process really really annoying. Setup an email account like [email protected] or [email protected] that domain. That is by submitting a ticket called Feedback Loop here: Request. I will post on our progress as we push the code into production, along with what ticket submitters should expect with the automated process specific to the queue addressed.We have been trying to clear up blacklist and reputation problems with a new IP range that was previously abused. If you are seeing problems with the queues in transition, please comment on that particular blog post, and we’ll take a look. (Ex: Each unique error code type represents a different queue, as do feedback loop and whitelist requests. ) The last couple of months were spent migrating our sundry ticketing systems onto one common platform — essentially readying a back-end for the front-end logic flow that you will interface with.


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